Landscaping design, a vital element in #MyBelmont’s urban living

May 24, 2019, Victoria, BC – Incorporating well-designed landscaping architecture is becoming more vital within new urban development projects. Belmont Residences, Langford, BC’s most anticipated new community, recognizes the benefits of integrating low-maintenance gardens, drought-tolerant plants and sustainable design. Not only from an aesthetic viewpoint but to enhance many aspects of environmental and natural living.

For #MyBelmont Masterplan, green space was already a fundamental aspect in the overall property concept commissioned to the multi-award winning firm, Connect Landscape Architecture Inc. of Vancouver. David Stoyko, partner with Connect, explains, “The Galloping Goose Regional Trail is adjacent to the property and surrounding forest. It’s a dominant feature that dictates the character here. We have created endless lines of sight to the vegetation, complemented the property with similar foliage, and sloped rear lawns downwards to minimize any visual interruption from fences or the like. So, residents really feel as though they are in a richly vegetated environment, just walking to the store or carrying out other daily activities.”

Besides the aesthetic benefits, green space plants help to reduce the imperviousness of soil, contribute to stormwater management and improve air quality.

While the Vancouver-based firm developed landscape architecture that’s both reflective and characteristic of the rural countryside, they also could not compromise the needs of modern living. “A technology underlay supports modern lifestyle, like vehicle charging stations and USB ports incorporated right into the hardscaping,” says Stoyko.

The #MyBelmont Masterplan will feature residential housing, rental and the bustling commercial space, Belmont Market. With the trail acting as a natural green corridor to the city, there will be a park plaza with green space for easy access to the trail. Returning from the urban side, the landscape will transition easily into traditional residential streets with canopied trees. It will be a soft retreat to this calmer zone, denser with natural landscaping.

For residents, this aesthetic appeal adds to the quality of life. “Everything that is planted or constructed will use materials that appear as though they collected from that specific location,” says Stoyko.  Natural, warmer colours for wood, stone and plant will form a base palette, and be punctuated with vibrant hues like red and yellows.  The rear yards will slope downwards toward the property edge without the visual interruption of a fence. Instead, the trail and foliage will dominate views and blend naturally into surrounding forest, giving homeowners that, ‘living in the woods,” feel. To learn more about #MyBelmont Masterplan, Belmont Residences or Crossing at Belmont; you can visit the #MyBelmont Sales Centre located at 915 Reunion Avenue, Langford BC.

About #MyBelmont

#MyBelmont is an inspiring new 24-acre community created on southern Vancouver Island’s West Shore. #MyBelmont comprises seven residential market and rental buildings targeting first-time home buyers, working professionals, and downsizers. The development is enhanced by commercial amenities (being developed by Crombie REIT), including a landmark Thrifty Foods spanning 53,000 square feet.

Adjacent to the Galloping Goose Regional Trail and numerous parks, lakes, and outdoor spaces, #MyBelmont is set to become a vibrant centre for the City of Langford. The new heart of the West Shore, Belmont Residences will be the “it” place for those seeking a healthy, urban-meets-suburban living.

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